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December 21, 2017

August 16, 2017

August 1, 2017

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In Our Own Words Vol. 1

March 7, 2017

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A Young Playwright

March 29, 2017

I am such a big fan of plays and musicals here and abroad. I’m eager to watch an original play next weekend from the Sandbox Collective, No Filter: Let’s Talk About Me. It’s a monologue series by millennials, for millennials, about millennials.


Can you imagine my excitement when I saw that one of our young writers wrote a play as part of her anthology for our writing workshop?  Here’s an excerpt from scene one of Rocio Mercado’s play entitled Friendzoned.




by Rocio Mercado, 15 years old


Cassie, 17. She is the student council president and part of the baseball varsity team.
Jacob, 18. He is a below average student who’s also the football varsity captain.


Setting: Cassie is seated alone at the bleachers at the empty football field in the back of the high school. Most people had gone home, but there were still a few students around the campus.


Time: 4:30pm on a Wednesday afternoon.


Cassie: I didn’t even agree with your proposal.


Jacob: Come on, Caaaaass!


Jacob:Don’t you want to spend some more time with everyone’s favorite soccer captain?


Cassie: Why would I do this for you? We’re not even friends.


Jacob: Aw, Cass. I am hurt.

(Cassie and Jacob laugh.)


Cassie: Anyways, I guess I’m free on…

(Cassie looks at her phone to check her schedule.)


Cassie: Evidently, I am only free on Wednesday afterschool and Saturday mornings.


Jacob: Wednesday afternoon. I’ve got to get on that gym grind on Saturdays.


Cassie: Yeah okay.


Jacob: It’s a date then.


Cassie: To study.


Jacob: What?


Cassie: It’s not a date; we are just going to be studying.


Jacob: Yeah it’s a study-date.


Cassie: We don’t need to call it a date.


Jacob: Why don’t you want to call it a date?


Cassie: Because all we’re going to be doing is studying.


Jacob: Yeah. Study-date. On this date, we’re going to be studying; study-date.


Cassie: Me helping you study hardly qualifies as a date. Even if this was considered a date, aren’t you already dating Scarlett?


Jacob: Whoa! I was just saying that the two of us were going to be studying alone together. I didn’t mean that I liked you or anything.


Cassie: Yeah… But… Okay. I’m sorry for assuming that’s what you meant. It’s just that I don’t like you that way, so going out with you just wasn’t on my mind.


Jacob: Hey, it’s cool. A lot of people would want to date me.

(Jacob winks at Cassie.)
(Jacob and Cassie don’t speak for a while. Cassie looks away while Jacob continues to look at her.)


Jacob:What do you mean you don’t like me in that way?

(Cassie faces Jacob.)


Cassie: I’m sorry?


Jacob: Why don’t you like me in that way?

(Cassie looks at Jacob hesitantly.)


Cassie: Why are you asking?


Jacob: I’m just curious.


Cassie: You’re just not my type.


Jacob: What are you talking about? I’m everyone’s type!


Cassie:Aw Jacob! Did I wound your ego?


Jacob: Ha ha, you’re so funny, Cass. But seriously, what is your type?


Cassie: Why would I tell you?


Jacob: Because I want to know.


Cassie: Well, I don’t want to tell you.


Jacob: Come on!


Cassie: Look, I’m just going to tell you what I tell everyone else: I’m not interested in dating anyone at the moment.


Jacob: You’re never interested in anyone. You barely show me any interest.


Cassie: You’re exaggerating. I do show some guys interest. As a matter of fact, I’ve gone on a few dates this past year.


Jacob: Oh yeah, with who?


Cassie: I’ve gone on a few dates with Ralph and a few more blind dates that Annika set me up on.


Jacob: I’ve gone on a few dates too. They were okay, but I just felt like there was something missing, you know?


Cassie: Really?


Jacob: Yeah, but it’s nothing for you to worry about Cass. You’ll always be on the top of my list.


Cassie: What are you talking about?


Jacob: You’re my favorite girl.


Cassie: Ha ha. Okay.



Illustration by Anthony Sebastian


This article was first published in Manilaspeak.com on July 25, 2015.




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